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Top 5 Japanese Green Teas

Tea came to Japan from China during the eighth century, and it seems that Japan has spent the following 1,200 years figuring out unique and innovative ways to make tea. This has led to teas with tastes, textures, and sensations that can be found nowhere else in the world.

Almost all Japanese teas are steamed during the processing. This imparts a singular element to the flavor profile of all Japanese teas. Some people call it "the taste of sea."

Here are the Top 5 Japanese Green Teas we think you should try:

Matcha - Powdered Green Tea

Matcha is a powdered green tea unique to Japan. It is made from a high grade tea that is shaded for at least three weeks before plucking. Shading causes the leaves to produce much more chlorophyll, giving the tea a brilliant emerald color. The leaves are then ground into a fine powder. Shop the Matcha Collection HERE.

This special green tea is harvested 88 nights after the Japanese Lunar New Year. From Kagoshima, these plants are fertilized by volcanic ash from  nearby Mt. Sakurajima. This dry green tea leaf has an intensely fresh, grassy aroma. The  steeped cup is lighter in body and brings to mind sweet seaweed and cooked vegetables. BUY IT HERE. Available online only. Limited quantity.

This traditional Japanese green tea from the Shizuoka region is made from a Sencha tea blended with toasted and puffed brown rice. The taste of the Sencha green tea base and the toasted rice/grain flavor make a very balanced, complex cup of tea. It's also refreshing as an iced tea We source this tea direct from the Otsuka Green Tea Co. BUY IT HERE.

Gyokuro - Shaded Tea

This Japanese green tea has incredible deep, dark, green leaves that produce a cup that is sweet and seaweed-y with a viscous-brothy body. The leaves are shade-grown in Shizuoka prefecture. We source this tea direct from Otsuka Green Tea Co. BUY IT HERE.

Iccha Kariban - Sweet & Floral

This is a new tea developed in Kagoshima. These dark steamed green leaves produce a cup that is soft, floral, and very fragrant. It is made entirely of first flush leaves, the cup is full without being heavy, sweetly floral, and has no astringency. BUY IT HERE.



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    I love Iccha Kariban codigeeks.

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