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Buying wholesale tea with TeaSource is designed to be simple and profitable in any setting, from restaurants to coffee shops to retail. We work with you to create a quality loose tea program that is easy to implement and use, and then provide the help you need to keep that program running smoothly. Our customer service is personalized and personable to ensure that you get what you need every time.

Not sure where to start? Ask about our Complete Tea Program, a package deal that includes everything you need to get a loose tea program started, from a carefully chosen, well-rounded selection of 6 best-selling teas, to the basic tools you need to serve and store loose tea.

We have no minimum order requirements and offer free samples upon request.

Whether you are looking to buy 1 lb of tea for your restaurant, or an entire chest of tea, or a pallet of tea, or a whole container of tea; we can help you.

More questions? Ready to get started? Contact us by email at or toll free at 855-320-4TEA (855-320-4832).