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Sencha & Snacks

To say tea is ingrained in Japanese culture would be an understatement. Tea came to Japan from China in the eighth century. It continues to be the first point of contact in social situations at home, at work, at a restaurant, you name it. Complimentary green tea is common at most businesses the way coffee or water is offered in the U.S. Tea is everywhere in Japan.

Personal tea accessories are stored in tea caddies

There is a misconception that matcha is the most popular tea in Japan. You are more likely to find matcha flavored snacks and treats instead of the beverage (although it isn't hard to find). The formal Japanese tea ceremony is not a popular endeavor among the younger generation. 

Matcha brownie - Get the recipe here

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Sencha green tea is the most widely consumed tea in Japan. Rice crackers are a popular snack to serve with tea.

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Sencha & rice cracker snacks

Genmaicha, a green tea with toasted and popped rice, is traditionally served cold in the summer in Japan. It has a toasty, refreshing quality that goes down easy on hot, humid days. 

Cold brew Genmaicha with rice crackers wrapped in seaweed

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