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Fishermen's Blend | Black Tea

  • Loose leaf Fishermen's Blend black breakfast tea
  • Steeped cup Fishermen's Blend black breakfast tea

Fishermen's Blend | Black Tea
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Strong and resolute against the cold dampness of morning waters. A full-bodied cup of dark, smoky, tobacco-like flavors, but with a subtle sophistication that often goes unrecognized. You can relate.

Fishermen’s Blend is a breakfast tea with the body and presence to wake you up on those early mornings when caffeine alone is not enough. This black tea delivers bold briskness and subtle smokiness that can cut through the cold and alert the senses. You need something that will radiate from the inside to stimulate your energy and focus.

Fishermen’s Blend is a combination of four different black teas.

  1. Ceylon black tea – “Ceylon” means tea from Sri Lanka and these teas are known for their strong, brisk character. The particular Ceylon tea we use in Fishermen’s Blend brings good body and spicy aromatics.
  2. Yunnan black tea – Yunnan is a province in China. Each province produces teas in very different ways and Yunnan black teas are known for their earthy, tobacco-like presence (for those of you who remember that great aroma of the old cigar/pipe shops).
  3. Darjeeling black tea – Refers to teas from the Darjeeling region of India. They’re world famous with a unique profile that can’t be replicated anywhere else. In Fisherman’s Blend, we included a full-bodied second flush Darjeeling which brings a woodsy, floral spice.
  4. Smoked Lapsang Souchong – The secret sauce. This Chinese black tea has been pine-fire smoked. Even though this is the smallest component of the blend, it holds the court. The scent is powerful, but the flavor is more subtle and plays nicely with others.

Ingredients: black tea

Steeping Instructions - Scale these proportions to meet your needs and adjust to your taste as you see fit, but here’s our helpful hints:

At minimum:
Pour boiling water over 3 grams of tea in a 10-ounce mug (which is your universal standard coffee mug) and steep it for 4 minutes. This will do the job and tame any rough edges.
To get full results:
Same as above, but increase the amount of tea to 4 grams. This brings forth all the spicy aromatics, nuance, and texture, but also a little welcomed astringency.
To get an extra boost:
Same as above, but increase the amount of tea to 5 grams (or more). The core character doesn’t change much from the results at 4 grams, but it will deliver more body, more caffeine, and with it more astringency.


Number of Cups

2 oz makes 19 cups, 4 oz makes 38 cups, 1 lb makes 151 cups