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The People Behind Our Tea

At TeaSource we aren't just interested in great teas - we are interested in the people behind our great teas.

In August of 2017, Bill and his family visited the Lumbini Tea Factory in southern Ceylon. The folks at Lumbini make some of our favorite teas.

Upon arrival, Bill discovered they had a special event planned; the dedication of a new nursery/daycare/preschool for the young children of the tea workers on the estate. This is something Chaminda Jayawardana (the GM of Lumbini) and Bill had talked about doing for a long time. The dedication consisted of a blessing ceremony from the local Buddhist priest, a celebration to lay the cornerstones of the building, and some treats with the kids. TeaSource is proud to offer financial support to this school on an annual basis.

The kids who will be using the new daycare and pre-K in a few months.

After the blessing and dedication, all the kids (and adults) got a treat of sweet rice.

All who took part received a blessing from the Buddhist priest who lives and serves in the Lumbini Valley.

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