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Tea Blending vs. Tea Scenting

The blending of tea leaves and the scenting of tea leaves are often conflated. Even at TeaSource we categorize blended teas and scented teas together, for simplicity sake. But they are different. Technically, blended teas have other components mixed into the tea leaves and the presence of these other components is what brings out different tastes, aromas etc. Scented teas are teas that have been exposed to powerful aromatic components and have absorbed the aromatic chemicals into the tea leaves themselves, regardless as to whether the aromatic components (like jasmine petals) stay in the blend or not. This is why the most expensive jasmine teas somewhat surprisingly will not have any jasmine petals in the mix. The tea leaves have already absorbed all of the aroma producing chemicals from the petals, so after hours of scenting the tea leaves, these petals literally have nothing left to contribute to the blend; so with the most expensive Jasmines these spent petals are actually removed as a final step.

Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls is a great example of a scented tea.

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Tea blends are a great way to introduce someone new to tea. They are also a great way for an experienced tea drinker to discover new favorites. Enjoy!

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