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Oolong Way From Home

TeaSource warehouse manager, Ryan, traveled to Taiwan last year! Read on to learn about his amazing trip!

I had the opportunity to travel to Taiwan in October of 2016 for an intensive oolong study tour that lasted 8 days. The lectures and cuppings with Thomas Shu, founder of JT & Tea, on this trip were invaluable, and his wife Josephine somehow kept this jam-packed tour on track. Partaking in the tea production process at the LinWang Tea Factory in Taitung was by far the highlight of my trip. I did feel bad for our great host, Mr. Lin, and his patient workers for the trauma we put them through handling their tea. When you attempt to take part in the process you realize the amount of skill, dedication, and hard labor that goes into making Taiwanese Oolongs.

Many lectures in-between stops from Thomas on this tour bus.

Thomas (top right corner) explaining the withering process at the Tea Research and Extension Station (TRES) - Wenshan Branch, Wenshan Taipei.

Workers plucking tea at the TRES station in Wenshan, Taipei.

The view of the tea fields from a factory in the PingLin district.

Bao Zhong (Pouchong) cupping in the PingLin district.

Our host and tea master Mr. Lin at the LinWang Tea Factory in Taitung, Taiwan.

Outodoor withering of tea leaves - LinWang Tea factory

Ruby 18 plants at TRES- Taitung branch.

 Dragon Teapot fountain at TRES – Taitung branch

We had magnificent landscapes on our walks to the LinWang Tea Factory everyday.  This area was hit hard by multiple typhoons before we arrived.

Comparing the leaves of different cultivars at  the Asia-Institute of Creativity, Tougen, Maioli.

Serious work going on here!

Me and our awesome hosts Mr. and Mrs. Lin. 

Me and the Head Scientist at TRES.   


The 2016 Taiwan Oolong Study Tour group.


Ryan Nelson

TeaSource Warehouse Manager

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