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Big Snow Mountain, Sheng Puer, 2014

This tea is now sold out, but you can shop our other Sheng Puer teas.

This wonderful sheng puer was made by Ms. Zhao Yu Jie, owner of Hanming  Xuan Tea, located in Puer, Yunnan, China. This is a tiny family tea company including Ms, Zhao, her sisters, and her husband (and during plucking season lots of nieces, nephews, and cousins). Ms. Zhao’s father was a tea maker in one of the old established puer companies and taught his daughter his craft. 

This spring 2014 tea steeps up light in color but with a wonderfully complex flavor: sweet, fruity, crisp juniper notes. This is a wonderful tea right now, and it will age beautifully.

We like this tea rinsed with 200 degree water and steeped less than 30 seconds.

Wild puer tea trees in the Yunnan forests. These can grow to 30’ - 40’ high and can be hundreds of years old.

Ms. Zhao plucking tea leaves.

The freshly plucked teas leaves that will become Ms. Zhao’s sheng puer.

Ms. Zhao watching her husband “fluff” the raw tea leaves after plucking. 

Raw puer tea leaves being sun-withered.

Cakes of sheng puer starting to age in Ms. Zhao’s facility. 

The finished products bamboo packages of seven puer cakes, ready to enjoy or store and age for the future. 


Ms. Zhao’s tea shop, attached to her home in Yunnan, China.

Me at Ms. Zhao’s booth in Xiamen, China. This is the most fun part of my job; meeting and tasting tea with the folks who make our teas.

Ms. Zhao making tea for me, my translater (Phoebe) and friends at a tea exposition in Xiamen, China.

Bill Waddington, owner

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