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Talk with a Tea Master

Ms Z and Bill 3
We, at TeaSource, are thrilled to have Ms. Zhang Liumei, one of the founders of Yiqingyuan and one of our great resources in China, in Minneapolis this week.  Ms. Zhang is a tea scientist and is known for her botanical expertise. She personally creates new teas and is an expert in the area of Dark Tea, some of which we carry at TeaSource.  We are honored to have this close relationship and are excited to learn more about Dark Tea from her.

She will be doing a Livestream demonstration and talk on Dark Tea on Thursday, July 10th at Noon. You will not want to miss this opportunity to listen, learn, and ask questions. We will be doing a short Q&A after the talk. There will be limited seating available at our St. Anthony location during the demonstration.  We hope you tune in!

To watch online, go to TeaSource's Livestream Talk with a Tea Master event page and log in (or create a new account). 


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