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Water's Edge Matcha Bowl (Chawan)

  • Water's Edge Matcha Bowl Chawan
  • Water's Edge Matcha Bowl Chawan

Water's Edge Matcha Bowl (Chawan)
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Chawan literally means "tea bowl" and is a signature of the Japanese Tea Ceremony for preparing and drinking matcha green tea. Chawans comes in many styles, shapes, and sizes.

This matcha bowl is Mashiko Ware, a traditional pottery from Mashiko, Tochigi prefecture, Japan. This pottery is known for being simple and rustic, but it comes in many styles.

Capacity: 10 oz.

Dimensions: 3.37" diameter x 2.87" height

Teaware care instructions:

  • Hand wash only. Do not use in microwave, on stovetop, or in dishwasher.
  • Before first use, soak in warm water and dry thoroughly.
  • When hand-washing, avoid using soap or detergents.
  • Avoid extreme changes in temperature to extend the life of your teaware.