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UNITEA One Touch Teapot - 14 oz

  • UNITEA One Touch Teapot 14 oz (460 ml)
  • UNITEA One Touch Teapot lid with silicone ring

UNITEA One Touch Teapot - 14 oz
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This 14 oz. (460 ml) teapot is made of heat-resistant glass. Do not use on the stovetop or in the microwave. Hand wash only. The stainless steel lid has a fine mesh around the rim  to strain the water from the tea leaves. It also has a removeable silicone ring around the base. The lid is dishwasher safe (but not the glass teapot).

To use: Simply put loose leaf tea into the teapot, add water, and secure the lid on top. The leaves will float freely in the teapot to allow for full expansion. Pour off the liquid into a cup after the tea is done steeping. The lid will stay secure as you pour and strain the leaves so they don't get in your cup. Easy to use for multiple steepings and even easier to clean!

Dimensions: 4" high, 3" top diameter, approximately 3.5" base diameter