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Raven Leaf Dan Cong | Oolong Tea

  • Loose leaf Raven Leaf Dan Cong oolong tea
  • Steeped cup Raven Leaf Dan Cong oolong tea

Raven Leaf Dan Cong | Oolong Tea
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The eternal battle of bittersweet. The sweet citrus of the aroma, the bitterness of the rind in the cup. Light in body, but deliberate in character. A tenacious performer through many steeps.

Made in April 2020 by Mr. Chen Shaobo, a young generation tea man who went to college in Europe, but fate would bring him back home to make tea. The tea material is from the “Big Dark Leaf” cultivar from Phoenix Mountain (Fenghuang Shan). Legend has it that this mountain is the location of a war between two mythical characters, General Light and General Dark. After 300 years of battle General dark lost and promised to stay in the wild, unmanned mountains faraway. These forces were transformed and now present themselves as “White leaf” and “Big Dark leaf” tea plants.

Ingredients: oolong tea

Steeping Instructions

3 grams | 8 oz water | 195°F | Steep 4 min.

Traditional Steeping

8 grams | 6 oz water | 195°F | Rinse 5 sec. | Steep 20 sec. 

Number of Cups

2 oz makes 19 cups, 4 oz makes 38 cups, 1 lb makes 151 cups