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Matcha Usucha | Green Tea

  • Matcha Usucha | Green Tea
  • Matcha Usucha | Green Tea

Matcha Usucha | Green Tea
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This ceremonial grade powdered green tea is used in the Japanese tea ceremony. It produces a cup that is strong, both sweet and bitter, vegetal and invigorating. Sold in 20-gram vacuum-packed tins.

Matcha is a unique way of making and serving tea that first developed in Japan in the 12th century. To produce matcha, they usually begin with a very high-grade, shade grown, Japanese steamed green tea. Then, the finished green tea is ground into a very fine powder with a stone mortar and pestle; and stored in airtight containers. Since this ground/powdered green tea is whisked into the hot water, you end up consuming the entire leaf itself, not just drinking the steeped liquid as the leaves are thrown away (as is the case with most teas). Matcha is the tea used in the Japanese tea ceremony. 

Ingredients: green tea

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Interested in an inexpensive matcha that can be used for cooking, baking, and other uses? Try this one!