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Lumbini FBOP | Black Tea
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"This is my favorite all-purpose tea. It is a great straight black tea, strong and smooth. It’s hearty enough to be a breakfast tea and takes milk & sugar well, but smooth enough it doesn’t need them. It makes a perfect iced tea; great brisk flavor and it doesn’t cloud. It is even a great tea to blend with; add a couple drops of vanilla extract or a piece of candied ginger… wonderful. This is the Swiss Army Knife of teas." -BIll W.

Description: This exceptional black tea brews up with a deep, rich aroma and a gorgeous copper-red hue. The liquor is full-bodied with complex, thick flavor notes and hints of a spicy sweetness. 

The Lumbini Tea Garden is a family-owned tea garden in the Southern Ruhuna District of Ceylon. They make prize-winning teas recognized around the world. TeaSource has been buying directly from Lumbini for more than 12 years.  

Suggested Steeping Instructions:

3 grams | 8 oz water | 212°F | Steep 3 min.


black tea

Number of Cups:

2 oz makes 19 cups, 4 oz makes 38 cups, 1 lb makes 151 cups

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