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  • Golden Buddha | Black Tea

Golden Buddha | Black Tea
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This Fujian black tea is composed of long, black, hand-made leaves that produce an aroma that is sweet and rich. The cup of this China black tea is very complex yet very balanced: smooth, strong, sweet, very fragrant, with a lingering almost spicy/black licorice note.  This is a wonderful and unique China black tea.

This tea is from a new cultivar (Mingke 1) developed by the Fujian Tea Research Institute and just released in 1999.  This particular lot is made by Mr. & Mrs. Tang of Xiamen, Fujian, who are both graduates of Fu’an Tea School which is affiliated with the Fujian Tea Research  Institute.  This tea is grown about 2400' elevation and is produced in Anxi county, Fujian. 

Suggested Steeping Instruction:

Use 2 heaping tsp per 8oz boiling water.  Steep 4-6 min.


Chinese black tea