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  • Blueberry Fields | Black Tea

Blueberry Fields | Black Tea
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“This is my ALL time favorite. I drink this wonderfully fruity blend every morning!”

-Wendy K. 

This fruity and aromatic black tea blend is made with actual freeze-dried blueberries. It steeps up medium-bodied, a little sweet, and makes you think of summertime. This black tea also makes a wonderfully refreshing iced tea!       

Blueberry Fields has helped numerous people break the Diet Pepsi in the morning habit. Throw some leaves in a pitcher, add tap water, and put it in the fridge overnight. In the morning, strain the leaves and you have a pitcher of great fruity iced black tea to help you make it through the day. 

Suggested Steeping Instruction:

Use 1 heaping tsp (3 grams) per 8oz boiling water. Steep 2-4 min.


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