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Black Jasmine | Black Tea

  • Black Jasmine | Black Tea
  • Black Jasmine | Black Tea

Black Jasmine | Black Tea
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Uncommon as a black tea, but clean, defined, and classy. Nothing sharp, nothing soapy. Perfectly floral, but with a darker undertow. Can be steeped light for a more nuanced cup that isn’t weak.


There are few jasmine black teas on the market. This one is exceptional. It is made from the Bamboo Leaf Huang Dan cultivar using oolong technique – meaning they applied several rounds of withering and shaking before rolling to oxidize. Also, unlike most black teas, this one went through kill-green step to preserve aroma and halt oxidation prematurely – to improve the absorption of the jasmine during scenting. This tea was made by Ms. Yang Qiao Ling in April 2020 with the jasmine scenting taking place in July 2020 at Three Rivers village. According to legend, the immortals in heaven loved tea so much and wanted to plant it here, but the area suffered from lack of water. So they guided the rivers to this mountain to make it the perfect place for the highest quality tea. 

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Ingredients: black tea, jasmine blossoms

Steeping Instructions

3 grams | 8 oz water | 212°F | Steep 4 min.

Traditional Steeping Instructions

8 grams | 6 oz water | 212°F | Rinse 5 sec. | Steep 20 sec.

Number of Cups

2 oz makes 19 cups, 4 oz makes 38 cups, 1 lb makes 151 cups

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