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2018 Yiwu Raw (Sheng) Puer Tea

  • Loose leaf 2018 Yiwu Raw Sheng Puer tea
  • Steeped cup 2018 Yiwu Raw Sheng Puer tea

2018 Yiwu Raw (Sheng) Puer Tea
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This is a gorgeous, long, wiry leaf that produces a vibrant, fresh, piney aroma. The cup is light, but with lots of flavor components that include sweet, meadowy, juniper and cedar notes.

This tea is made near the town of Yiwu in Yunnan Province of SW China, very near the Laos border. Yiwu is often called the hometown of puer. This wonderful tea was made by Mr. Yang Xiuhai, who unlike many of our suppliers, does not have a generations long history in tea. Mr. Yang worked a normal job in Beijing for years where on the side he fell in love with tea. Eventually he left Beijing and his career; moved to Yunnan, learned from native farmers and tea makers, and is now making some wonderful puers. 

Ingredients: puer tea

Steeping Instructions

3 grams | 8 oz water | 195°F | Steep 3 min.

Traditional Steeping

6 grams | 6 oz water | 195°F | Rinse 5 sec. | Steep 30 sec.

Number of Cups

2 oz makes 19 cups, 4 oz makes 38 cups, 1 lb makes 151 cups