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Using Tetsubin Teapots

What is Tetsubin?
Tetsubin pots are handcrafted teapots from Japan. They are made from cast iron and are enameled on the inside.

Using your Tetsubin
Tetsubin teapots are made solely for infusing tea. They are NEVER to be used on the stove or over a fire. You may use any tea with your pot, but we generally recommend using only one type of tea (black, green, oolong, etc.). Over time, this patina will impart the flavor of the tea and protect the teapot from oxidizing. .

Cleaning your Tetsubin
When cleaning your Tetsubin simply rinse the teapot and dry. Do NOT use soap or an abrasive pad as it will take off both the patina and the enamel on the inside of the pot. Tetsubin pots are made of iron and may rust. To help avoid rusting you must completely dry the pot, lid and strainer with a soft towel after each use. NEVER put the pot away wet.