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Preparing Iced Tea

Instant Iced Tea:
Follow the instructions for brewing regular hot tea on the back of the tea package, except increase the amount of tea by 50%. When the tea has brewed the suggested amount of time remove the leaves and pour tea directly into a container (plastic or glass) filled with ice. As the ice melts, add more ice to suit your taste.

Cold Brew Iced Tea:
Place 8-10 rounded teaspoons of tea in a gallon jug, either loose or in two #4 T-Sacs. Fill the jug with cold water. Let steep overnight (at least 8 hours). Strain or remove the T-Sac. Serve over ice. This method requires less tea and produces a smooth, light, and refreshing iced tea.

Ice Tea Concentrate:
Measure 1 cup of dry tea (adjust amount of tea to suit your taste) Brew with 8 cups of water. Follow regular hot tea instructions for correct brewing temperature and time. Strain into another container and refrigerate. Dilute 1 part concentrate to 2 parts water as needed. Serve over ice.


Iced Tea Suggestions

Black Teas:
TeaSource Classic Iced Tea, South India Iyerpadi, Ceylon Lumbini FBOP, China FOP

Flavored Black Teas:
Minnesota N'Ice, TeaSource Gold, Prairie Passion, Lemon Solstice, Blueberry Fields, Raspberry Beret, Lychee Black, Currant Event

Iron Goddess of Mercy, Blue Beauty Oolong, TeaSource Oolong, Strawberry Oolong, Rhubarb Oolong

Flavored Green Teas:
Genmaicha, Sweet Ginger Green, Moroccan Mint, Green tea Mango, Cherry Blossom Green, Green Pomegranate

African Skies, Lemon Sunset, Starfire Licorice, Montana Gold, Red Berries