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Preparing Iced Tea

Instant Iced Tea:
Follow the instructions for brewing regular hot tea on the back of the tea package, except increase the amount of tea by 50%. When the tea has brewed the suggested amount of time remove the leaves and pour tea directly into a container (plastic or glass) filled with ice. As the ice melts, add more ice to suit your taste.

Cold Brew Iced Tea:
Place 8-10 rounded teaspoons of tea in a gallon jug, either loose or in two #4 T-Sacs. Fill the jug with cold water. Let steep overnight (at least 8 hours). Strain or remove the T-Sac. Serve over ice. This method requires less tea and produces a smooth, light, and refreshing iced tea.

Ice Tea Concentrate:
Measure 1 cup of dry tea (adjust amount of tea to suit your taste) Brew with 8 cups of water. Follow regular hot tea instructions for correct brewing temperature and time. Strain into another container and refrigerate. Dilute 1 part concentrate to 2 parts water as needed. Serve over ice.


Iced Tea Suggestions

Black Teas:
TeaSource Classic Iced Tea, South India Iyerpadi, Ceylon Lumbini FBOP

Flavored Black Teas:
Minnesota N'Ice, TeaSource Gold, Prairie Passion, Blueberry Fields, Raspberry Beret, Lychee Black, Currant Event

Iron Goddess of Mercy, Blue Beauty Oolong, Strawberry Oolong, Rhubarb Oolong

Flavored Green Teas:
Sweet Ginger Green, Moroccan Mint, Green tea Mango, Cherry Blossom Green, Green Pomegranate

African Skies, Lemon Sunset, Starfire Licorice, Montana Gold, Red Berries