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Whispering Cave | White Tea

  • Loose leaf Whispering Cave white tea
  • Steeped cup Whispering Cave white tea

Whispering Cave | White Tea
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TeaSource exclusive. Very limited quantity.

The eerie spirit of raw, natural elements. The body is light, but the cup echoes with texture. The primordial fragrance of a rocky landscape produces a stark character without astringency or bitterness. A unique find indeed.

Harvested and produced October 18-20, 2023 and roasted November 4, 2023 by Mr. Chen Yong Qiang in Ping Yuan County, Guangdong Province. It’s a one bud, two leaf pick of the Mei Zhan cultivar growing at approximately 1,100 feet.  This tea was the output of Day 2 from a three-day experimental collaboration between Mr. Chen and our friend Daniel Hong. The results of Day 1 and 3 were blended together to create Horseshoe. White tea is not commonly produced in Guangdong Province.

For more excellent teas from Mr. Chen, check out Floodplain, Untamed Elements, and Black Phoenix.

Ingredients: white tea

Steeping Instructions

3 grams | 10-12 oz water | 175°F | Steep 5 min. 

Traditional Steeping - Use 6 grams in a 150ml gaiwan with 175°F degree water.

  • 10 second rinse - Discard
  • 1st Steep – 20 seconds
  • 2nd Steep – 10 seconds
  • 3rd Steep – 15 seconds
  • 4th Steep – 30 seconds
  • 5th Steep – 90 seconds
  • 6th Steep – 4 minutes

Number of Cups

2 oz makes 19 cups, 4 oz makes 38 cups