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Golden Dawn Oolong Tea

  • Loose leaf Golden Dawn oolong tea
  • Steeped cup Golden Dawn oolong tea

Golden Dawn Oolong Tea
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An everyday tea you can soak up like rain. Clean aromatics, light in body, and bright, mineral cup character.

This tea was made by Mr. Lin Rui Fu of Huqiu town in Anxi County, Fujian, China. It’s more traditionally know as “Huang Jin Gui” and famous for their high, bright aromas.

Ingredients: oolong tea

Steeping Instructions
3 grams | 10-12 oz water | 195°F | Steep 3 min.

Traditional Steeping
6 grams | 6 oz water | 195°F | Rinse 5 sec. | Steep 30 sec. 

Iced Tea Instructions
5 grams | 10-12 oz water | 195°F | Steep 3 min. | Pour over ice.

Number of Cups
2 oz makes 19 cups, 4 oz makes 38 cups, 1 lb makes 151 cups