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100 Taels Dark Tea Cake

  • Compressed 100 Taels Dark Tea Cake
  • Side view compressed 100 Taels Dark Tea Cake
  • Steeped cup 100 Taels Dark Tea Cake

100 Taels Dark Tea Cake
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Approximately 200 grams

For those who like to forage. A light, but textured cup with the characteristic earth and hay of Hunan dark teas. Nuts and berries for those who work hard.

This tea finished production in May, 2021 and was made by Mr. Fu Yong. The tea is grown at approximately 3,000 feet in Yiyang city from the Yuntai Daye cultivar and has a coarse pluck of 2-3 leaves, no buds. “Bailiang Cha” (translation: “100 Taels Tea”) is one of the traditional forms compressed “Hei Cha” (translation: Dark Tea) from Anhua county, Hunan province and can be pressed in smaller forms (shiliang cha or “10 Taels Tea”) and bigger forms (qianliang cha or “1,000 Taels Tea”). The primary tea is aged for 2-3 years before being pressed into logs corresponding to their size (10 Taels being the smallest, 1,000 Taels being the largest). This tea has been cut into approximately 200-gram cakes.

4" diameter, 1.25" thick

Ingredients: dark tea

Steeping Instructions

4 grams | 8 oz water | 212°F | Steep 5 min.