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World Tea Expo

The World Tea Expo (or WTE) is the world’s largest international tea exhibition (there are larger tea expos in China that are strictly Chinese not international), was held in Las Vegas this year. 

With exhibitors and speakers from the Twin Cities, San Francisco, NYC, Hamburg, London, Argentina, Bolivia, South Africa, Malawi, Kenya, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, China, Japan, Indonesia, the TeaSource crew gets to hang out with other tea geeks.



TeaSource was very happy to be there, and as usual we had lots going on at our booth.  Including a special presentation by Taiwan’s Ambassador of Tea, Thomas Shu, who did an extensive workshop on Taiwanese oolongs.  Above are the four teas Thomas shared with the crowd: Jade Oolong, Amber Oolong, Oriental Beauty and Ruby 18.



Thomas Shu (above) did the hard part; educating and entertaining about tea. If you’ve never heard Thomas Shu sing check this out.

We had the easy part; just preparing and distributing the tea. One comment from an experienced Sri Lankan tea grower, about the Jade Oolong, “This might be one of the best teas I’ve ever tasted.”


The Lumbini Tea Booth was one of the most happening places at the World Tea Expo (Chaminda is at the far left). There was always a crowd there for two reasons: the tea is great and the Lumbini guys love talking about tea.



Nigel Melican, me, and Raj from Stone Mountain tea.  That is not a skeptical look on my face, it is more a “I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy” look.  Nigel is the western world’s most respected tea scientist.  If you like the geeky side of tea and/or took apart household appliances as a kid—you will really appreciate Nigel… check out this interview.

In the photo above he is estimating the catechin level of one of Raj’s tea, by simply tasting it, and the amazing thing is he would end up being pretty accurate.

The WTE is THE major trade show for the specialty tea industry; and TeaSource is proud to be part of this community of tea traders, tea teachers (and students), and tea geeks.  TeaSource presented four different workshops/classes, did tons of sampling at our booth, and met some wonderful new tea people.  It was a great week drinking and talking tea.


Bill Waddington
TeaSource, Owner


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