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A fabulous documentary about Chinese tea called Leaves of Change has been produced by Indianapolis Public Television. TeaSource founder Bill Waddington was involved and ended up being featured throughout this film. This documentary is available to all public television stations for broadcast- so call up your local public television station and ask them to carry Leaves of Change.

In the meantime, everyone can view this documentary online, for free, at this link:


What a great film. They got all their facts straight, but more importantly they captured the feeling…the spirit of tea. And it is just a gorgeous, beautifully made film; although it is very disconcerting to see my own face up there. I’m way too Minnesotan to be comfortable with that.” - Bill Waddington

The film is succinct, only 30 minutes long; mostly shot in China (and a little in Minnesota) and an absolute joy to watch. It focuses on the role of tea in daily life, and how tea serves as a link to bring people and society together.

So check it out. We’re confident you’ll enjoy it. And please share this with your friends!

*At some point in the not too distant future this link will no longer work, so don’t forget to call and support your local public television station and request they broadcast this film.  

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