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Seven Steps to Great Tea: Step 7

Stop the Steep

You would never leave a cake in the oven for a long period, past the recommended time. Why would you do it with your tea leaves?

If you leave the leaves in the water, they keep putting more and more flavor chemicals into the water (including all the bitter tasting chemicals). Almost all teas will turn bitter if you leave the leaves in the water.

So, using some steeping device or process that allows you to separate the leaves from the liquid at the right time is essential.

  • You can simply pour (and strain) off the tea into a second pot or cup at the right time.
  • You can use a infusing basket (like the Finum filter) and simply remove the whole basket and leaves at the right time.
  • T-sacs are great, because you just pull out the t-sac and the leaves.
  • or you can use a really big honking tea ball.

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