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Seven Steps to Great Tea: Step 5

Time Your Steep

Another reason a green tea might turn bitter is it may have been steeped too long.

Basically steep the tea until it tastes good to you. Here are some very general guidelines (and there are lots of exceptions to this).

Black teas:
4-6 minutes
Dark teas:
(and Puer)
10 seconds to
10 minutes

We realize that’s not
lot of help, so see
our website for more specifics.

Oolong tea:
2-4 minutes
Green Tea:
(and Yellow)
1-3 minutes
White teas:
1-4 minutes
Herbal teas:
4-10 minutes


One observation: typically the smaller the tea particles (like Classic Iced Tea) the quicker the tea will infuse and steep. And the larger the leaf particles (like Ceylon Lumbini OPA) the longer the tea will need to steep and infuse.


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