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Travels in Tea, India : Part 1

Darjeeling, India Darjeeling, India

I'm in Kolkata, Darjeeling, and Assam, learning, visiting old friends, and scoping out new teas. I'll try to be posting often, but connectivity is proving to be a challenge.  Follow along on my trip through this blog, perhaps I'll embarrass myself again in front of a major governmnent dignitary, as I did in China 8 months ago.  There should be some great photos, as soon as I get regular, strong connectivity established. At the least, I can guarantee that you will learn a few things about Indian tea that you never knew, I had that experience just a few hours ago. 

So follow along, I'll try to post often.

-Bill Waddington Owner, TeaSource

Tags: Travelogue


  • Posted by Christina on

    I know you’re back from your trip now, but I’m really looking forward to the full series of posts about your trip! :)

  • Posted by Bridget on

    I just read the post about your trip to China—hopefully India was less stressful!

  • Posted by Tony on

    Beautiful picture!

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