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More Favorite Tea Photo Winners !

Here are some more of our favorite photos from the recent Web Party Tea Photo Contest. Now you will get an idea of why it was so difficult for us to choose winners. We had so much fun doing this, we are thinking of doing it again, down the road. Let us know if you think this is a good idea.

My little pony I’m not sure if they made a little tiny TeaSource bag, or if they had really GIGANTIC sized My Little Pony figurines (ok-that thought is going to give me nightmares).

Steam & Serenity


It’s not the Teatanic,  but it’s still pretty funny.

And just a reminder: this Thursday, Feb. 20 at 10:00 a.m. we will Livestream an in-house Darjeeling cupping training for a few of our own employees. We try to make sure all of our employees know what they are talking about in this great big world of tea, and the only way to do this is prepare the teas, taste them, and analyze and talk about them. We do this kind of thing quite often. And we’ve had customers ask, “How do your employees get to know so much about tea?” This is one of the ways.


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  • Posted by Colleen Opitz on

    Love the My Little Ponies! My daughter would flip if she saw that picture and demand I do the same for hers.

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