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Yellow tea is a rare category of tea that is somewhat similar to green tea in appearance and flavor, except yellow tea typically does not have the grassiness of green tea. Yellow teas typically go through more oxidation than green teas and a longer, slower drying period. All yellow teas come from China, either from Anhui or Hunan Province.

Yellow teas are traditionally made with less than boiling water and steeped 2-5 minutes.

Anhui Yellow Flower

Anhui Yellow Flower

2 oz. $8.60

This rare yellow tea from Anhui Province is hand-made and visually striking. It has a smooth, crisp, slightly vegetal flavor profile, with hint of a sweet roasted corn note coming through at the end. Yellow teas are some of the most difficult teas to source from China.

Only available in 2 ounce quantities.

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