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TeaSource strongly believes in education and outreach and therefore offers multiple classes throughout the year to learn, discover, taste and discuss.

Listed below are many of the classes we have offered in the past. Please let us know, by a quick email, office@teasource.com, which classes you might be interested in, or if there are other topics you would like to us address.

Visit out current class offerings here.

Tea Basics

Designed for the tea novice, this session explores the major categories of tea: black, oolong, scented/flavored, green, white and puer. We will prepare and taste a tea from each category, demonstrating the dramatically different preparation techniques for each, and experience the incredible range of taste experiences that tea can provide. We'll also talk about the history and production of tea and be open to any tea related questions.

Mysterious Teas... Revealed!

There are two teas shrouded in secrecy and steeped in the unknown: Dark Tea & Puer Tea. You will learn the history, preparation of these wonderful & mysterious teas from China. TeaSource owner Bill Waddington taught this class.

Tea & Chocolate with Trotter's Cafe

This unique class combines our two favorite comforts: tea and chocolate! Learn the basics of food pairing and how to enhance your chocolate dessert with tea! The emphasis of this class is tasting, so be prepared to indulge in tea-infused treats from Trotter's, contrast a variety of tea and chocolate flavors, and learn how to make a low-calorie chocolate treat! You will go home with tea recipes, free samples and a belly full of chocolate! Note: Some of the chocolates you will taste are only available for sale (cash or check) during the class.

Tea and Food Pairing at Trotter's Cafe

Pairing tea and food can be creative and fun! Impress your dinner guests by offering a different tea with each course. Learn how to do different pairings: like with like, complimentary pairing, accenting a particular flavor, and how to enrich the dining experience. You will taste some of Trotter's best dishes: fresh, delicious, and using only the highest quality ingredients (regional and organic as much as possible). This class will feature appetizers, side dishes, main courses, and desserts - all served with TeaSource teas.

GongFu: the Art of the Chinese Tea Ceremony

Loosely translated gongfu (also kungfu) means "something which requires great skill and discipline." This session will be a demonstration/class on this ancient Chinese style of tea preparation and service, which promotes the integration of contemplation, relaxation, and focus into everyday life. This session will be conducted by Peiju Liu Picard, who has attained master certification in the art of the Chinese Tea Ceremony.

Iced Tea Basics

Get ready for summer and impress your friends with your amazing iced tea! This is a hands-on tasting and preparation workshop focused on iced tea. Learn fun and unique drink recipes! We will demonstrate a number of different ways to make iced tea, including how to make single servings and large batches. We will integrate other ingredients (herbs, fruits, etc.) with iced tea to make tasty, new creations. Participants will taste a variety of teas during the class and receive teas samples to prepare at home.

Teas of Japan

Japan has been making some of the world's greatest teas since 800 A.D. Bill Waddington recently returned from a buying/sourcing trip to Japan. In this workshop we will taste all of the classic Japanese teas. We will also cup some of the very best, very fresh Japanese teas from the most recent spring harvest. Come learn and taste the bounty of Bill's last origin buying trip.

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