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FAQ: the Website

Customer Account Questions

I'm having trouble logging into my TeaSource customer account. What should I do?
Did you make your customer account before December 2013? We got a new website at that time, and our customers' accounts were not transferred. Please make a new customer account!

I requested a new password because the one I tried didn't work, and I never got a response.
That means that you made your customer account before December 2013, and need to make a new customer account. We sincerely wish that you got a notification of some kind to let you know that, however, due to PCI Compliance specifications, we (or no one else, for that matter) are allowed to do this.

I requested a new password because the one I tried didn't work, and I got a temporary password. The temporary password did not work.
This happens from time to time. You can either request another new password, or you can call us at 877-768-7233 and we can change the password for you. If you have us change your password for you, we will NOT have a record of that password on file. We will, however, have heard you say it out loud. We promise we will not log in to your account with that password. We don't have that good of memories, anyway - we can't even remember our own passwords most of the time.

I feel like wandering in the desert dying of thirst, trying to get this customer account to work.
We know. We can help. Give us a call at 877-768-7233. We can see if you do, in fact, have a customer account. If you do, we can help you change your password. If you don't, we can be the bearer of that news, so you don't have to wander tea-less in the desert any longer.

General Website Questions

Is it safe to send my credit card number over the Internet?
TeaSource uses a Secure Server to transmit your credit card information. The data sent through the Secure Server is encrypted. It is actually safer to transmit your credit card information through the Secure Server than to give the number out over the telephone.
If your browser does not support secure transactions, you may place your order by phone by calling our toll-free number 1 (877) 768-7233. In the Twin Cities metro area, please call (612) 788-4842.

What is your privacy policy regarding personal information?
A good question. Our policy is simple: under absolutely NO circumstances do we make any information about our customers available to anyone else. We never sell or trade my customer lists: including names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mails etc. Credit card numbers are destroyed as soon as an order is processed. We hate unsolicited junk mail of any kind. It seems that the least we can do is not contribute to this unpleasantness in our customer's lives.

What is TeaSource's return policy?
We always try to provide the highest quality products, but if there is a defect in any product from TeaSource we will happily replace it or refund your money. However, we can not refund money or accept a return on bulk tea purchases unless the heat-sealed closure is still intact. Unfortunately, we can not accept returns on bulk tea simply because you didn't like the flavor. Therefore, we strongly recommend reading the description carefully and purchasing the minimum amount (2 ounces) of a new tea before purchasing a large quantity.
We do require a receipt for all returns. All returns must be done within 45 days of the purchase date.

If you still have questions, feel free to contact us:
Tea-related questions and questions about the retail and on-line stores: orders@teasource.com.
You can also reach the TeaSource store by calling our toll-free number 1 (877) 768-7233. In the Twin Cities metro area, please call (612) 788-9971.

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