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  • Wild English Rose | Black Tea

Wild English Rose | Black Tea
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Tremendously aromatic, this deep, rich black tea is blended with natural flavor and rose petals to produce a blend that is comforting, silky-sweet, floral, and flavorful.

China, in addition to being the birthplace of tea, also invented the concept of tea blends, i.e. mixing other ingredients with tea leaves. One of the original tea blend ideas was mixing tea leaves with flower petals, like rose. While we call this tea Wild English Rose, that is a little poetic license. This tea blend, tea with rose, can be traced back in China at least 200 years.  

Suggested Steeping Instruction:

Use 1 rounded tsp (3 grams) per 8 oz cup boiling water. Steep 2-4 min.


Chinese black tea, natural flavor, rose petals

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