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Fragrant Honey Oolong | Oolong Tea
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Available in 2 ounce quantities only

From the Phoenix Mountain region of Guangdong province this Champion Chinese oolong will take your breath away.  These large sinewy hand-rolled tea leaves produce an aroma and liquor that is incredibly complex with a creamy silk texture.  You'll taste sweet mineral notes and hints of stone fruit, and a lingering very fresh/bright aftertaste.  

This tea is also known as Shui Mi Xiang.  It was a declared a Champion tea at the 2017 Hong Kong International Tea Fair.

Suggested Steeping Instruction:

Use 1 rounded tsp (3-4 grams) per 8 oz of water.   Steep with 8 oz water at 200° for 2-4 min.  Good for multiple steepings.


Chinese oolong tea

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