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Blue Raspberry Iced Tea | White Tea

  • Blue Raspberry Iced Tea | White Tea

Blue Raspberry Iced Tea | White Tea
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Available in 24-gram quantities only. 

Made with butterfly pea flower, this white tea blend turns BLUE when you steep it! Each 24-gram bag makes 8 cups of iced tea.

Butterfly pea flower (Asian pigeonwings) is an edible plant that has been used for centuries in South East Asia as an infusion in cooking, medicine, and as a dye. Its color-changing properties can produce blue, purple, green, yellow, and even hot pink depending on the pH balance of the water it is infused in. 

Ingredients: white tea, lemongrass, butterfly pea flower, natural flavor

Steeping Instructions

FOR BEST RESULTS - Steep the entire contents of the package. Use 24 grams of tea in 8 cups boiling water. Steep 2.5 min. Strain the tea leaves out. Cool in fridge. Serve over ice.

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