1999 Sheng Puer Beeng Cha | Puer Tea
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This fabulous beeng cha sheng puer tea (beeng cha means "seven cakes tea" and it refers to the fact that these large cakes of tea tradtionally come in seven cake bundles). It is light, very bright, refreshing, silky, has a hint of evergreen, and does not have the earthiness normally associated with puer. This puer will produce multiple steepings. This tea was manufactured in the Xiaguan factory in Dali, Yunnan, China. This is a great puer and will just get better as it ages. Sold individually. 357 grams. This beautiful gift box includes a stainless steel puer knife.

NOTE: The paper wrapping on older puer cakes does undergo some wear and tear over time, but this does not compromise the quality or taste of the tea.

$ 79.97