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The Price of Tea

Tea is the most affordable luxury in the world. But at first glance it may seem expensive. A tea that costs $100.00 per pound only costs 50 cents per cup when brewed. A pound of tea will typically yield 200 cups (vs. 40-50 cups from a pound of coffee).

Also, many of the teas in our collection will yield as many as 4-6 infusions from the same leaves (particularly oolongs and greens). For many teas, those later infusions yield the most interesting flavors. Since most of the caffeine is released in the first infusion, this is also a way to reduce the caffeine content.

For bulk sales, all teas are priced per quarter pound (4 oz.). A quarter lb. will typically make 50 cups of tea. We will also package all teas in 2 oz. quantities, at half the 4 oz. price, plus one dollar.

New this year, we are offering most of our teas in a one lb. foil bag, with a discount of $1.00. Please note this one lb. bag does NOT have a zip seal, like our smaller packages.

Wholesale pricing is also available upon request.