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Tea of the Month Club

6 Month Membership

12 Month Membership


What Do Members Get? 

  • Two 2 oz. bags of tea each month (2 oz. = 25 cups)
  • Educational material about tea and tea preparation
  • FREE professional cupping journal when you sign up
  • Exclusive deals and coupons

How Does the Program Work?

Tea of the Month Club is designed to help you explore and learn about the fascinating world of tea. You get to customize it by choosing one of these three programs.
  • Straight Tea Only:
    This program is focused on tea from the Camellia Sinensis plant that is not blended with any other botanicals or ingredients. Since tea is a seasonal crop, we will tailor the selections to highlight what's new.
  • Straight & Blended Tea:
    This program will include one straight tea and one tea that has been blended or scented with other botanicals or ingredients each month.
  • Blended Tea Only (Including Hebals):
    This program includes one blended tea and one herbal (most herbals are naturally caffeine free). An herbal is defined as anything that does not come from the Camellia Sinensis plant, like peppermint or chamomile.

How Do I Sign Up?

Order online: 6 month membership or 12 month membership.
Or, call us toll free at 1-877-768-7233 or sign up at one of our retail stores in the Twin Cities.
Full payment upfront is required.

Giving a Membership as a Gift?
Download our Welcome Letter to give to the recipient or add a personalized message at checkout!!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you ship the tea?
All tea is shipped via First Class U.S. Mail. We ship memberships during the first week of each month, but you can sign up any time. We will either start the membership immediately or wait until the following month. Please note that Tea of the Month Club does not ship internationally.

Can I pick and choose what kind of tea I get?
No. The program is designed to help members explore and learn about the world of tea. Tea of the Month Club is curated by TeaSource. The tea selections are consistent for each program, so unfortunately this means we do not accept substitution requests.

When will my membership begin?
You will have to the option to receive your first shipment right away or at the beginning of the next month.  When ordering online, you will notice a drop down menu for "Subscription Start" with the options "Start Immediately" or "Start Next Month."

What is your return policy on tea?
As a general policy, TeaSource cannot accept returns on tea because it is a food product. If the tea itself is compromised, we will replace it.

I am a local customer.  Can I pick up my tea?
All Tea of the Month Club memberships are assembled and shipped from our main warehouse. There is no option to pick up at an individual store location. Our apologies for any inconvenience.

I'm giving this as a gift. 
Tea of the Month Club is one of our most popular holiday gifts, but it's great for any special occasion graduation, house warming, new job). When you buy a gift membership, we'll include a congratulations letter and a personalized message in the first package. The recipient will also receive a FREE cupping journal!