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Tea Flight Menu

Tea Flights: Cup Tea Like the Pros!

Tea Flights are available Monday-Friday at all of our retail locations | $7 per tray

Experience Sample Day in a whole new way! Our weekly Tea Flights are prepared in professional cupping sets and served on bamboo trays. The steeped leaf is included on your tray so you can enjoy the aroma and appearance of the tea as you taste it. Re-steeping is available upon request.

The theme of each Tea Flight changes weekly. Check out the menu below!

October 15-19: Sweet Tooth Teas

Candy Apple White, Rhubarb Oolong, Hazelnut Orange

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October 22-26: Ms. Zhao’s Teas

Ms. Zhao’s Hong Cha 2018, Wild Mountain Yunnan, Golden Needle

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October 29–November 2: Caffeine Free Favorites
Chocolate Stout, Vanilla Thrilla, Gingerbread Orange
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November 5-9: Tea for the Tea Geek

Bamboo Leaf, Phoenix Mountain Oolong, 2018 Yiwu Sheng Puer

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November 12-16: The Little Tingrai Forest

Organic Chota Tingrai Assam TGFOP1, Assam Dinjoye Estate TGBOP, Assam Golden

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November 19-23: Earl Grey Collection

Earl Grey White Tip, Earl Grey Lavender, Earl Grey Crème

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November 26–30: Best Sellers

Jasmine Silver Needles, Dark Rose, Lumbini Estate, FBOP

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