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Tea & COVID-19

• Tea is safe.

  • From the CDC website: … “In general, because of poor survivability of these coronaviruses on surfaces, there is likely very low risk of spread from food products or packaging that are shipped over a period of days or weeks at ambient, refrigerated, or frozen temperatures.”
  • When importing tea, the very shortest transit time is about 3 weeks (which would involve air transport in unheated storage compartments), up to 4 months by sea.
  • Here is the relevant link from the CDC website

• From the FDA:

  • “There is no evidence to suggest that food produced in the United States or imported from countries affected by COVID-19 can transmit COVID-19.”
  • Here is the relevant link from the FDA website

• The last step of tea manufacture is called firing, where the leaf is exposed to very high temperatures, which would kill any bacteria or enzymes (or virus) on the leaves.

  • From the U.S. Tea Association:
  • "The teas we (i.e. American tea sellers) retail now were produced and shipped last year prior to the beginning of the crisis in China. Additionally, tea is finished in hot ovens and is brewed in hot water that would destroy any microorganism, including a virus.”