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Happy Hour


Swing on into one of our store locations for our...


Every Friday Night 5-Close

1/2 Price Pots | To-Go Cups (menu items only)


NEW! Keemun Hao Ya A/B – A unique blend of the two highest grades of Keemun available. Incredibly aromatic with an extremely dark, deep, rich flavor, yet very smooth. Makes you think of a good Burgundy.

Pistachio Shortbread – This black tea blend is smooth, rich, sweet, and silky with pistachio notes coming through. Contains: black tea, pistachios, flavor, rose petals, Marzipan drops. CONTAINS NUTS.  

NEW! Organic Kumaon White Tea –  For a white tea, this tea has lots of body. Made in a Bai Mu Dan style, this tea is smooth, sweet, and a little herbaceous with a creamy, buttery texture. Made at what is perhaps the oldest commercial tea garden in northern India called Champawat.     

Margaret’s Soother – Comforting, relaxing, and delicious. This blend of peppermint, clove, and licorice is an antidote for stressful times.

TeaSource Chai - Our Breakfast Assam black tea with sweetened condensed milk and our own blend of spices.


THESE TEAS ARE 20% OFF IN BULK DURING HAPPY HOUR (in-store only - not available online)