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2012 Sheng Puer Silver Needle Tea

  • 2012 Sheng Puer Silver Needle Tea

2012 Sheng Puer Silver Needle Tea
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Description: This beautifully handmade sheng puer tea is composed mostly of silver needles tea leaves, giving it a light, very bright, silky, flavor profile with hints of pine needle.  An exceptional and unique tea. Good for many steepings. This wonderful tea was made by Mr. Fu Bing Bing, who has been specializing in shu puers in Puer City, Yunnan, for more than a decade.

The flavor of all puer teas evolves over time. This is because there are naturally occurring active micro-organisms in the leaf that over time change the aroma and the flavor of the tea. All dark teas (including puer) can be wonderful when they are "young" ie, less than 2 years old. Each year after that the flavor will get a little richer, deeper, more complex. Many people store dark teas, particularly puers, for years before drinking, because they really enjoy that more fully evolved, more complex, stronger flavor. So feel free to experiment with steeping times and storage times to find the best method to get the flavor you want from your dark tea.

Suggested Steeping Instructions:

3 grams | 8 oz water | 195°F | Steep 3 min. 

Traditional Steeping Instructions:

6 grams | 6 oz water | 195°F | Rinse 5 sec. | Steep 30 sec.


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Number of Cups:

2 oz makes 19 cups, 4 oz makes 38 cups, 1 lb makes 151 cups