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  • 100 Taels, Whole | Dark Tea

100 Taels, Whole | Dark Tea
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This log of dark tea is called 100 Taels Tea (also Bai Liang). It is an aged dark tea that steeps up medium-bodied and smooth with a slight sweet note. Good for many infusions. The log weighs 7.95 lbs. and comes with the handy carrying case.

Don't want the whole log? Try the 100 Taels Tea Cake!

Suggested Steeping Instructions:

Use 1 rounded tsp (3 grams) per 8-16 oz. of water, rinse leaves with 200° water for 4-8 seconds, discard rinse water. Then steep with 8 oz. water at 200° for 8-20 seconds. Good for multiple steepings. Steeping for longer time periods will produce a progressively stronger cup.


Chinese dark tea

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