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The Story of Dan Cong Oolong

Our Dan Cong Oolong is hand-made by a very small tea company located in eastern Guangdong province of China. They call themselves Propitious Clouds Trading Co. and they are dedicated to making regional specialties and super-high quality teas. These folks own their own tea fields and small factory and have won many awards in tea competitions throughout China. 

This tea is grown at an elevation of 2000’ and is hand-processed in very small batches. Here is the tea during the oxidation step.

Owner Bill Waddington met Brian, the general manager, at a tea festival in Xiamen, China last year. Here they are sharing a cup of tea together. 

Dan Cong literally translates as “lone bush” and refers to a high grade oolong that comes from a single tea bush or wild tea tree, as opposed to a large plantation of uniform commercial tea plants. Here the tea leaves are being picked from the garden.

This is a very special oolong that goes through unique sun-drying, followed by multiple courses of rolling, fluffing, and oxidizing the leaves.

Sun withering of the tea leaves.

Rolling and shaking the leaves leads to the complexity and texture of this tea.

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