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NEW! Golden Buddha

Golden Buddha is a black tea from Anxi County, Fujian Province, China. 
A close-up of the leaf.
Golden Buddha black tea is made by Mr. and Mrs. Tang. Both of them graduated from Fu'an Tea School (this school is nearby the Fujian Tea Research Institute). They were reunited a couple years after their schooling and decided to move to Xiamen, where they have a small tea shop and are raising two kids. They make tea in the spring and autumn and spend the rest of their time selling tea in the city. 
Mr. Tang in the field.
Mrs. Tang at their tea shop.
Mr. Tang's uncle
The Tang's are very knowledgeable about tea processing and have experience in the tea fields. They have fully harnessed the character of the Ti Kwan Yin cultivar by strongly rolling the leaves and also slightly shaking them during production. This tea comes out extremely fragrant and the leaves themselves are fat and downy.
Shaking the leaves.
Notice the red edges of the leaves after shaking.
Withering room
Close-up in the withering room
This tea is grown at over 800 meters of altitude and the PH value of the soil is 5.5. These are perfect conditions for this cultivar.
Mr. Tang and his uncle
We hope you enjoy the Golden Buddha!


  • Posted by Susan Soldat-Schumacher on

    How wonderful enjoy a visual on the Tang family. Photos of the plants growing, plus all the careful steps taken to give us excellent tea to savor was very informative.

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