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Spirited Giving

Tea inspires poetry in our daily lives, especially during the holidays. Before you start rolling your eyes and speed-reading to the bottom of the page, please enjoy this actual poem inspired by the spirit of tea.







Tea Geeks Gather Round

Camellia sinensis
Is so versatile and true
Did you ever stop to think
What a single plant can do?
It gets us through the winter
So dark and so austere
It’s magic in a cup, you see
A maker of good cheer
We know that tea geeks gather
Like elves around the tree
Hoping, just like children
To unwrap their favorite tea
A bag of Roasted Chestnut?
Perhaps some Chocolate Stout?
Maybe Frosted Citrus
Is the tea you dream about
So steep yourself a pot
And share it with a friend
Let’s celebrate together
As the year comes to an end
Happy, merry, jolly
Warm wishes from our team
Let’s make the season special
With a cup of joy and steam


If poetry isn’t your cup of tea, here are the TOP 5 BEST TEA GIFTS to give this holiday season. Visit one of our stores in the Twin Cities or shop our new mobile-friendly website at

1. Winter Tea Holiday Gift Box - This is the easiest gift you’ll give all year! Includes three 2 oz. bags of tea and a box of T-Sacs in a classy Camellia sinensis gift box. Or try one of our other holiday gift boxes!


2. TeaSource Gift Card - Whether you slide it in a stocking or bundle it with another gift, this is the perfect way to make your occasion extra special.


3. White Cat Tea Set - Cat-centric people everywhere will adore this porcelain cat teapot and matching kitty cups.


4. Tea of the Month Club Membership - Our new Tea of the Month Club has expanded benefits and more perks for members. Join the club and see what it’s all about!


5. Basic Brew-In Mug -These porcelain mugs with an infuser and matching lid come highly recommended. A functional, fun, and affordable gift for any tea drinker.


Need even more ideas?  Check out our Gift Ideas on our website or follow us on Pinterest!


Happy Holidays!

Sarah Cedergren
TeaSource Manager

P.S. This is what comes from hiring lots of English majors.  -Bill W.

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