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Milk Tea: New to Me

“I’ve never heard of that kind of tea before.”

It’s not very often that I say those words. But it happened while I was in India last spring. Almost every tea place I stopped in – street stalls, tea broker’s offices, tea gardens – I would be asked if I wanted tea. Of course I would say “yes.”   I would be asked if I wanted “black tea” or “milk tea.” At first I thought they just meant a black tea served with milk on the side. But it became clear this was not what they meant. So of course I asked for it. Then asked for it at the next place, and the next place …   It’s reaalllly good.   It is strong, sweet, smooth, milky (duh), and the method of preparation totally took me by surprise.   In the interest of full disclosure, my wife did not like it but EVERYONE at TeaSource did.

-Bill Waddington Owner, TeaSource

Watch and learn how this traditional Indian tea is made... [embed][/embed]


  • Posted by allan mahnke on

    We were about ready to come in to restock, so now we will get some Assam to try this. It looks great.

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