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Oolong Way from Home: TeaSource Hits the Road

This past Saturday, March 1st, was the first class in a 3-part series that I’m conducting for Urban Olive & Vine, a TeaSource wholesale customer in Hudson, WI, not too far from the Twin Cities. This first class was on Oolong teas, while the remaining two this Saturday, March 8th and the following Saturday, March 15th will cover Green tea and Black tea respectively. urban-olive-and-vine front

As wholesale manager, most of the interactions I have with customers take place by email or phone, so I am always excited to step out of the office for a few hours to conduct classes like this. Usually, my audience consists of the staff at businesses who sell tea they purchase from TeaSource, though occasionally I also speak to customers of those businesses. This series of classes at Urban Olive & Vine are the latter. We set up in the beautiful back room of Urban Olive & Vine where there is seating and a small bar, which meant we were slightly isolated from the main business bustling in the front of the store. About 8 Urban Olive & Vine customers came to indulge my geeky excitement about everything from cultivars to legends to flavor profiles. aged pouchong-1

Classes like this always get me energized, and not just because we drink so much tea! I love watching people get excited about the new flavors they’re tasting and what they’re learning. Especially toward the end of the class I could see people who had been strangers before the class becoming comfortable with one another and discussing which teas were their favorites.

We tried 7 teas ranging from the very light and floral Pouchong Extra Fancy to the roasted, toasty Longevity Oolong, which meant there was a lot to discuss! While everyone had a favorite, the favorites were as varied as the people attending.

Classes like this are one of my favorite parts of my job, so I’m looking forward to the next two classes coming up this weekend and the next. Each of these classes will include tasting approximately 7 teas and discussions of cultivars, styles, and processing. Classes begin at 9am and will run about an hour and a half.

Interested in attending? Each session is $15 and you can sign up by visiting Urban Olive & Vine’s website here.

Are you a wholesale customer interested in tea training for your staff or a class for your customers? Please contact Timothy to discuss details! In addition to classes like this, please check out TeaSource’s list of upcoming classes and events. We’re constantly adding new events!

-Timothy Otte
TeaSource Manager

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