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World Tea Expo, Las Vegas & Perhaps the silliest thing I have ever done

We had a booth at the recent World Tea Expo in Las Vegas (probably the largest gathering of tea professionals in the world).  We had the privilege of sharing our space, and the booth next door, with the family/company that makes most of Dark Teas, who were visiting from Hunan, China. We wanted to make a splash about Dark teas, so we had an informal talk at the booth featuring the brilliant woman who makes most of our Dark teas, Ms Zhang Liumei, with me assisting. We talked a little, answered some questions, then in response to a common question we get about Dark tea, “What do you do with those big logs of Dark Tea?” I pulled out a Makita Variable Speed Band Saw and proceeded to show exactly what you do with one of those logs of tea. And then we had drawings for the tea cakes we produced right there. FYI this is the exact same tea we have for sale in the store and on the web, the 100 Taels Tea, available in full logs (yoga mat sized), and small cakes (around 125 grams). There may even be some special “Bill Cut” cakes in the stores in the next few weeks. -Bill
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    […] a log of it to the recent tea convention. Along with a buzz saw. He entertained his audience by sawing slices off the end of the log like some giant […]

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