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Catching up ... Puer, China, Puer is a big deal

Life and travels have been so crazy I am going to try and catch up and post some of the other amazing stuff from my visit to Yunnan China.  And over the last few weeks in general: 14 days in Yunnan, 2 days home, 7 days in Las Vegas,  4 days home, 9 days in New England. The first couple of days of this China visit I was attending the 13th annual China Tea Convention, which was being held for the first time in Puer-- so there was a huge emphasis on puer tea and also a huge spotlight on many of the recognized ethnic minority groups native to Yunnan (many of whom have been making puer tea in their own ways for centuries). But the first thing was the big tea convention and it was almost equally a celebration of the various ethnic minorities of Yunnan. Here are a couple of pics showing how BIG this thing was. open ceremony outdoors Opening Ceremony It was incredible to learn about these different ethnic groups, and even to learn about their teas. More to come soon. Bill
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